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New Product Promotion
Welcome to check our newest product, Illumination Dustbox,
This hot selling item, with the fashionable design and the environmental protected, will be very popular all over the world.
This Illumination Dustbox is suitable in business car and SUV, such as Odyssey, Toyota, Buick, Mitsubishi, BMW and Beijing Hyundai.
Please kindly enter the Cleaning Item for more information. Thank you!
Our main items:
Kitchen Storages;

Household Wares;
Paper Boxes (packing);
Shopping Bags & Other Packing.
Our New items:
Good Taset Vacuum Container;
Our New Mould for Cleaning Item;
Wine & Whisky Box.
The new moulds will be shown on fair and we are testing moulds
and making color now. You can see our fresh items during fair.
Mr. Jacky Huang(Marketing Executive)
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